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    Question: The size of a computer typeface affects how much ink a printer uses.
    Answer: The larger the lettering, the more ink a printer will use. Some new typefaces have tiny holes in the letters that are almost invisible but that save little quantities of ink.
    Question: A computer keyboard has more germs than does a bathroom sink.
    Answer: Computer keyboards are cleaned much less often than bathroom fixtures—and thus have more germs, often flourishing on bits of food that have fallen between the keys!
    Question: The world’s first Web site was in the United States.
    Answer: The world’s first Web site, info.cern.ch, was established in Switzerland in 1990. It is still operational today, called "the Web site of the world’s first web server."
    Question: QWERTY is a popular computer language.
    Answer: QWERTY describes the most common configuration of a typewriter and computer keyboard in English, based on the frequency of usage of the letters of the alphabet.
    Question: The computer and printing press are much alike.
    Answer: Like the personal computer and Internet, the printing press made it easy to make many copies of words and pictures.
    Question: Nanomemory is something that applies to computers.
    Answer: Nanomemory involves placing computer memory in smaller and smaller areas, so that an object such as an iPod can hold many thousands of song and movie files in a very small space.
    Question: The digital computer was first conceived of before World War II.
    Answer: British mathematician Alan Turing wrote a paper on computing in 1936. After World War II he helped develop what was called an Automatic Digital Machine, a forerunner of the modern computer.
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    Computers: Fact or Fiction?

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